Finding an Attorney, Lawyer, or Legal Services Provider for a small business is a common need for founders, owners, and operators. It is an essential business skill to be learned and exercised during the life of a business.

Typical legal needs might include: reviewing customer contracts, supplier contracts, partnership agreements, commercial real estate buy/lease agreements, a business buy/sell agreement, loan document review, intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights), client/supplier dispute resolution, tax issues, employment issues, forming a 501C3, etc

Not all business issues necessarily require an attorney, some are online DIY. The State of Ohio makes it straightforward to register a single member LLC - see and the Ohio Start an LLC booklet at  It's often easier to use an attorney, but it can be costly and new businesses often have to carefully budget their cash.

Not every attorney can handle every kind of legal matter. Be sure to ask their areas of expertise and their experience in your type/size of business and the legal matter at hand.

Think of using an attorney this way: in most business matters, 

  • The business owner defines and decides their business objective and desired outcome
  • The attorney helps you manage the business and personal legal risks along the way

A good attorney with experience in your specific type of business can also help you decide what is commercially reasonable  in your particular matter

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Tips & Tools: Need Attorney Services, but Short on Cash and Capital?

Some local law school clinics provide legal services for small businesses and/or commercial issues ....  See examples, including

Also consider

Tips & Tools: Are you a 501C3 Non-Profit?

Some attorneys, law firms, bar associations, and corporations are interested in providing legal services on a pro bono [free] basis for community social needs and benefit.


Final Note: A Score mentor is a volunteer,  can offer business advice based on their experience, and help you find an attorney or legal services provider, but we are unable to serve as your attorney and do not practice law or provide legal services under our Terms of Service.



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