If you are a woman or minority owned business, doing business with federal, state and local governments is an excellent opportunity to grow your business. Eligibility for some State of Ohio programs may require MBE or WBE certification.

If your business is B2B (business to business), large businesses often have preferences for procuring goods and services from woman-owned and minority-owned businesses.

  • MBE - Minority Business Enterprise
  • WBE - Women Business Enterprise
  • Ohio's EDGE Program - Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity

These opportunities require business certification(s) which you can apply for using one of the assistance centers below.

See a helpful ECDI overview article at

Minority Business Enterprise - MBE: To learn more about becoming certified, see:

Women Business Enterprise - WBE: To learn more about becoming WBE certified, see:

Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity - EDGE: To learn more about becoming EDGE certified, see:


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Resources for Obtaining MBE, WBE, and EDGE Certification for Your Ohio Business