Serving Small Businesses and Startups throughout Northeast Ohio

Clients provide us feedback in several ways

Soliciting and responding to client feedback is an essential management activity of any small business - we practice what we preach

  • Mentoring clients receive an NPS Survey from our National Score HQ organization to provide feedback after their first mentoring session and later after several follow-on sessions
  • Clients once a year receive a Client Engagement Survey from Price Waterhouse
    • Our Client Engagement Index (CEI) improved 6.6% in 2020, our CEI ranks in the top third of over 250 chapters nationally.
    • We provided 6,104 mentoring and educational services in fiscal 2020, up 105.87% over fiscal 2019
  • Clients can submit their Success Story to our chapter or National website at
    • A client Success Story can include their video, social media links, etc [organic SEO crosslinks, anyone? ;-} ]
  • Clients can submit a review on our Google Small Business Profile (GMB) at Score Mentors Cleveland

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Client Comments in our NPS Surveys during the month of January, 2021

Why would you like to see this mentor again?

  • I'm sure I will have future questions and I felt very comfortable speaking with him.
  • I've made the best decisions I can for myself and my business during Covid. I don't feel comfortable going forward with 'business as usual' and understand that mentorship can help me reinvent to meet the changes 2021 is ushering in. I feel really comfortable with Greg because he's positive and a little out-of-the-box - which is the key to success in challenging times
  • Feel confident with Sharonda and the resources she provided.
  • I feel confident in Anita’s ability to help me ensure I am not going to miss any needed steps.
  • It's good to give credit where its mentor deserves it ...good job.
  • My mentor helped me come up with next steps and we have a 2nd meeting set up for next week to follow up.
  • They gave us great advise which we are acting on.  We will then circle back and discuss what we have learned in our follow ups
  • Because my mentor had my best interest in his heart and I appreciate his help he was truly sincere
  • Rob’s perspective is helping to focus me on the details, which helps point to larger decisions moving forward
  • My mentor has been great help for me not giving up. and trying new things with my business encouraged me to take more risk
  • The[y] listened to all our questions, made suggestions on ways to get them answered and had ideas we hadn't thought of.
  • Was able to get on the same page and understand each other
  • Steve is awesome!
  • Obvious is skilled in the area I needed info on.
  • My Mentor was very knowledgeable, helpful, and truly was concerned with how best to assist me.
  • This is a long, complex process, and I can't imagine going through it without an expert of Richard's caliber

Why would you recommend SCORE to a friend or colleague?

  • How I was sble to still get what I needed in the age of covid
  • This is a fantastic service! So helpful for someone just starting out, or who is established. I enjoyed talking to my mentor (he's great!) and look forward to our next meeting.
  • The ability to speak with someone who has actually walked the same road we are on is invaluable.
  • Score has always been very helpful. This is my second time using them
  • Mentors give me different perspective about business. That's has been working for me
  • The mentor was very helpful and attentive. Superb!!!!
  • Anita had answers to all my questions, great references and suggestions, and most importantly took the time to really listen and help me define my intentions
  • Professional patient knowledgeable
  • Great. Communication skills..appears genuine..very comfortable with Bob
  • I have been utilizing SCORE for over 10 years and this organization provides valuable information and tools for current and upcoming business owners.
  • Sharonda was kind, gentle and an incredible listener. She was supportive in her feedback.
  • SCORE is a valuable resource that matches new entrepreneurs with seasoned ones that are further down the path and who are able to greatly assist with advise and strategy
  • Each contact with a SCORE mentor challenges me to think outside my little box
  • Greg W[] is kind, knowledgeable and warm. He has a great resume, community involvement and I feel he's invested in folks outcomes, especially very small businesses like mine.

What improvements could SCORE do to improve our service?

  • None
  • Get rid of COVID  :- )  Would have loved to have the meeting in person
    • Cleveland SCORE: Us too!
  • So far this has been a positive experience; thank you!
  • Make the search for a mentor function easier. I tried searching on my own and it was difficult to find someone. I eventually just had you select one for me.
    • Cleveland SCORE: We totally agree! National SCORE will be moving us onto a new platform, ENGAGE, based on SalesForce for Non-Profits, this summer - to help improve client services
  • Maybe allowing people in the program seeking the same goals To network with each other
    • Cleveland SCORE: Great suggestion! We are considering doing such events via ZOOM similar to our sibling chapter in Akron
  • I am happy
  • none
  • N/A
  • Advertise more. Lots of people can use there service
  • not sure yet 
  • Check list of recommended questions to ask. You don't know what don't know
    • Cleveland SCORE: Great suggestion! - We've begun work on a Business Tune-up Checklist for Q&A
  • When we have Zoo[m] presentations, it would be good if there is both video and audio components for attendees - it builds community, even if we are muted
    • Cleveland SCORE: Great suggestion! - We've begun sending links to recording and presentation decks to live webinar attendees afterwards and will begin posting recorded webinars on our website
  • Nothing, she is great! She is very punctual and very helpful!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MRS ANITA K[] !!!!
    • Cleveland SCORE: Thank you! We love her too!