" I will always be grateful to SCORE for assisting me in my quest to become a business owner by giving me extensive voluntary advice. This enabled me to fulfill my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. SCORE has always been available to me with the most precise information, while always maintaining professionalism. Score counselors have a unique way of making clients feel like family. I will continue to use their services."
Edna Sutton, CEO of Compassions Training

"I have been running a small business for over twenty years. My biggest challenge is marketing. SCORE has been very helpful to me by brainstorming with me about ways I can better attract my target clients. It is wonderful having the opportunity to work with experienced professionals."
Judy Horvitz (The Judy Horvitz Company)

"As I opened my new business, many of the anticipated pitfalls were avoided because of the time I invested with the SCORE counselors, Ted & Tony and later Ed.  Although I had a great background in business, being able to go through potential issues in uncharted water for me in areas I was not strong in, was very important and saved me money.  My early pro-forma work needed to be scrutinized by professionals and all three men were able to help me revise and fine-tune my expectations well before we actually opened the store.  We are now open four months and our cash-flow is strong.  We expect to be able to make a profit in 2010."
Fred Leach (Amishland Cheese & Meats, Sandusky, OH 44870)

"Messrs. Weissman, Gedeon, and Balantzow worked as Funutation's Advisory Board for about 18 months.  They helped grow my Computer Training company by showing where I could cut expenses, and increase sales by taking advantage of partnerships with well-known named brands.  This strategy helped Funutation's net income grow over 15% over the last 2 years, even in a down economy." 
Ted Jordan, principal  ted@funutation.com
Funutation Tekademy LLC, Making the World Computer Smarter

“SCORE is a godsend.  My counselors ensure that I am creating a solid foundation for my company.  They help me focus on the essential parts of my business.  I have made more progress with my SCORE counselors than without them.  I am thankful that SCORE exists because it is assisting my in taking my business to the next level.”
Patrice Blakemore, President of Blakemore  Coaching

"A sincere thank you to the counselors of SCORE.  Thanks to your keen insights and heartfelt encouragement LISTEN UP, LLC transformed from a dream into reality.  Thank you for caring about me personally, for sharing your valuable experience and for daring me to step up and make it happen.  You have been and continue to be a tremendous resource and one I am honored to be associated with.  Thank you again for being there, you made the difference."
Donald Wayne McLeod, founder LISTEN UP, LLC


Selected Comments from SCORE Clients

"Larry did not make me feel uncomfortable or intimidated and did not display a sense of arrogance.  It was informative and enjoyable."

"I had a good experience.  He asked important questions for me to think about.  He was very willing to listen to me explain a type of business that I am interested in and something he new little about."

"I had individualized attention to my business concepts and ideas.  I was asked specific questions and had answers on the spot.  I look forward to my next meeting with SCORE."

"Good ideas generated by SCORE representative.  They gave me a feeling of support."

"He was punctual, polite, informative, attentive, and a pleasure to talk with.  He listened to my goals and tailored his suggestions to assist me with getting started on to the right path.  Additionally, he gave me a good overview of what SCORE has to offer and how they might help me to help myself."