What do you do? 

Our purpose is to connect homeowners with diligent and trusted contractors who will deliver a finished project satisfactory to their client.  Our simple approach makes the platform very user friendly for contractors to promote their products and services for homeowners to find the best solution to their specific project.

What inspired you to start your business? 

Have you, a friend or family member ever been taken advantage of by a contractor before? Unfortunately, we have and that is what initiated us to create this platform. There are countless stories of customers being taken advantage of, whether the final bill is a multiple of the quote, “replaced” or “repaired” items do not function properly shortly after job is completed, or the best one where they “take a deposit” and disappear. The reality is there are BAD contractors out there and we built a shield to prevent them from working on YOUR projects. That shield is Contractor Pages.

What's special about your business? 

Contractor Pages Is a community made up of honest, efficient, diligent, and ethical contractors that are eager to help YOU get the job done properly. YOU can communicate with several contractors before YOU select the right contractor for you. Unfortunately, we know there are bad contractors out there. By utilizing extra vetting of the contractors and their companies, and by obtaining real feedback scores from actual clients, we can greatly reduce YOUR risk of being taken advantage of by bad contractors. By utilizing our proprietary software, customers and reputable contractors can interact to complete projects satisfactory. Our software and SEO systems also allow our honest and hard-working contractors to post ads and draw in more business.

What is your relationship with SCORE? 
SCORE client
What influenced you to seek help from SCORE? 

As a young entrepreneur I seek to gain as much knowledge and advice as possible.  I heard many great things about SCORE.org from a family friend. 

How SCORE helped. 

When I reached out to SCORE to seek any information that could help me bring ContractorPages.net to market and what is the best path moving forward to market on a start-up budget without enduring excessive marketing costs, I had no idea what to expect.  I was very impressed with how quickly a representative contacted me to find out more about my business and who from their organization would be the best person to help me.  I shortly after received a meeting invite from Dave.

What's great about my mentor? 

Not only was Dave a pleasure to speak with and very knowledgeable, he provided me with feedback that was very useful and reassuring.  Dave explained that by researching how similar businesses started to find out what challenges they encountered and how they overcame them is a very effective way of learning what challenges are ahead and a roadmap how to navigate them.  We discussed many other topics regarding marketing including different types of media that are free or inexpensive that you can use to bring awareness to your products or services.  

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business? 

These lessons are free! As an entrepreneur on a budget that is a great price for valuable information.   I am very happy I contacted SCORE and would recommend any entrepreneur to seek their advice!

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