Veterans are an entrepreneurial bunch. Vets are 45% more likely than non-veterans to start a business, and their military training and experience is a key factor in that fact. The 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses in America are another testament to their entrepreneurial spirit.

A majority of military members past and present say their service helped develop their work ethic and discipline, leadership and management skills and instilled the confidence required of a successful entrepreneur. Anyone who has started a business will tell you these are all qualities necessary to make such a monumental move.

"The military teaches discipline, structure and decision-making based upon evidence rather than assumption. Also, the military system requires flexibility and stamina in the face of adversity," Dr. LaVerne Jackson, a former U.S. Army nurse and SCORE client, told "Small business is a good fit for military families, and SCORE has decades of evidence-based practices to share with them."