Recognizing the need to support neighborhood based small businesses in the Lee Harvard area, Harvard Community Services Center (HCSC) Cleveland has partnered with Cleveland SCORE to help with free mentoring, workshops, and educational services to small businesses in the neighborhood.

This six-month pilot partnership will foster local neighborhood business development and equitable economic growth by providing free, experienced mentoring and educational services that small businesses need to thrive.

"Harvard Community Services Center has been serving the residents and businesses of Ward One since 1968" says Elaine Gohlstin, President and CEO of Harvard Community Service Center. "We are called the Beacon on the Hill; we are excited to be a partner with SCORE and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress bringing needed resources to our Business Owners."

SCORE will provide free certified mentoring services and free business education webinars and workshops as needed for the clients of Harvard Community Services Center. Clients may be startups, existing small businesses, or nonprofits. According to Bob Cohen, Chairman of the Cleveland SCORE chapter, “Our overall mission is to foster local businesses and emerging entrepreneurs. What better way to do that than working with local neighborhood businesses by providing free, experienced support that small businesses need to thrive.  It is our aim to deploy our program neighborhood by neighborhood, building capability and capacity in the community.”

As a part of this collaboration, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress staff will provide support to Harvard Community Services Center and Cleveland SCORE implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the program while leveraging its standing within the small business ecosystem to foster local business development for the community.

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress a local community development intermediary and partner of Harvard Community Development Corporation, supports this partnership and sees it as a valuable resource for small businesses in the area.” says Tania Menesse, President and CEO of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress.

Small businesses located within the HCSC service area in need of assistance should contact the HCSC Help Desk at (216) 991-8585 or email at