What do you do? 

Since 1985, North Coast Seal has been providing O rings, seals, gaskets and sealing devices to OEMs in many industries around the globe — including aerospace, automotive, medical and natural gas. We supply all component products with a strong expertise in elastomeric and all types of sealing products. The products we deliver and the service we provide are essential for our customers’ success.

What is your relationship with SCORE? 
SCORE client
How SCORE helped. 

Tom Sasura, Vice President started with the company in 2011. “Some of my biggest challenges were knowing and understanding all of the financials, M&A, Cash flow and working directly with our Bank.”  “Score has helped in so many ways, as they say knowledge is power and Bob and Greg have helped me understand the areas, I needed help in, and still continue to this day”.  We are trying to grow, as the 3rd generation is preparing to take control of the company and with Score’s help, they are assisting in the succession planning, guiding and prepping me make sound decisions and have opened my mind to think about new ideas or scenarios while making sure our company will be driven and focused for profit and success.  “I now understand the financials and how they all tie together which will allow me to make decisions much easier on my own vs having to rely on someone all the time.”

What would you tell a fellow business owner about SCORE? 

The Score mentors are real people in real time, and they are taking time out of their day to assist you with your business.  Their education and knowledge in their perspective fields bring everything full circle to keep you on track.  They provide you the tools you need without doing it for you which is such an important lesson to carry on throughout your career.  Score is a program that can help you achieve all of your dreams and goals!

SCORE helped Seal the Deal