Tom Belcher, a Cleveland applied physics scientist and experienced wine drinker knows the benefits of aerating wine. After vacationing in wine country in 2008, Belcher became obsessed with the aeration process and how to optimize it to present any wine at its optimal drinking potential.

He created the WinePrO 2 ® , a new product that allows users to determine the optimal level of decanting for their own taste preferences. The WinePrO 2 ® was released in November 2018 with great reception in the Wine & Spirits industries for its effect on both wine and aged spirits.

Tom Belcher requested help from SCORE to determine all the details necessary to manufacture his product and get it to market.  

Tom is now in the sales and distribution process. SCORE is still helping as he plans and executes the best way to reach out to potential customers.

WinePrO2 - Cleveland SCORE Helps an Innovation Startup in Northeast Ohio